Month: July 2015

10 Sweet & Simple Tips for New Yoga Students

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To keep in mind as we practice:

  1. In yoga class or on your own, only do the postures or exercises that are comfortable.
  2. There should be no pain in the joints or body during the practice.
  3. Modify postures or rest as needed.
  4. If you have a pre existing injury that is aggravated by a certain movement or exercise please notify the yoga instructor right away.
  5. Check with your doctor for any concerns from prior conditions or injuries if you are not sure what you can and can not do.
  6. Yoga is not competitive. Go at your own pace.
  7. We are all unique- do what is comfortable for your body in each practice.
  8. “No pain, no pain.” We do yoga to ease pain in the body, not to create more. Be gentle even if you want a challenge.
  9. Ask the instructor for modifications if pregnant, injured, ill or needing a different way to do a pose than is suggested.
  10. Enjoy the practice! This is not about right or wrong, winning or losing but to feel better in the body and gain more peace in the mind.

By, Stacie Dooreck of Elephant Journal

Prison Yoga Project

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IN NEED OF DONATED BICYCLES: I am teaching yoga as a volunteer in a local correctional facility for men who are transitioning out of incarceration as part of a work release program. Some men walk up to two hours in either direction for the opportunity to work. However, if they attend yoga class, group counseling, and meditation, they earn the privilege of using the bike for transportation. They do not get to keep the bike—rather, it is borrowed for very specific use. In this manner, a single bike can make a great difference for many men who are beginning their journey down a road that will hopefully prove positive and productive.
Do you have a bike you are willing to donate that adult men may use for transportation as part of their rehabilitation? I will arrange transportation of the bike (within a reasonable distance). PLEASE SHARE THIS POST. One bike can have a tremendous impact!

AND thanks to Janet Bixler for donating a bike! Pictured with me is Kathy Peppelman who is responsible for initiating the project.


Thank you to Teri Guerrisi for donating bikes to the project!   IMG_3894

Thank you Gail King for rescuing this bike from a neighbor who considered putting it out with the trash.IMG_3897