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Join Brenda as she introduces students to the words and concepts often found in a yoga class!

“Each podcast lasts approximately 10-20 minutes and will focus upon a topic or subject from the yoga world.  In my role as a yoga teacher, I often have students approach me with questions that relate to a word or phrase they’ve heard in their yoga class that was unfamiliar to them. If you’re a current yoga student, at some point or another you may have heard words like ahimsa, ashtanga, mantras, mudras, moksha, the yoga sutras – even karma!….Typically, during a yoga class, a teacher may not have the time to explain the meanings of these words, so this podcast will provide an introduction to all things yoga.  Obviously, there is not enough time in the format of this yoga podcast to provide a thorough analysis from a scholarly perspective. The goal of the podcast is to encourage you to pursue further study of the topic through your own research and analysis.  The ultimate goal is for you to learn that yoga is much more than asana practice.  By broadening your understanding of the many aspects drawn from numerous yoga traditions, your journey to personal fulfillment and happiness will expand and your yoga practice will deepen.”


Listen to the Yoga Discovery on your favorite music app for free! Or click on one of the episodes to liste on Anchor:

Introduction to the Yoga Discovery Podcast

The Condensed Origins of Yoga

An Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita

What is Dharma? A Conversation with June Hunt of Moondog Yoga

How to Find Your Dharma

Mantras Explained

Drishtis, and How to Use Them

Let’s Talk About Sun Salutations….!

Demistifying our Yogic Breath: Diaphragmatic Breathing and Pranayama

How to Build a Foundation of Stability and Ease: Sthira Sukhasana

The Foundational Intersection of Buddhism of Yoga and Buddhism

An Introduction to the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali

The Nature of the Yoga Guru in the West

Karma: What it is and How to End the Karmic Cycle

Lifting the Veil of Tantra Yoga

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